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Committed to
Responsible Investment

Byafrica's unwavering commitment to the green economy has positioned us as the African markets' trusted ESG advisory partner for world-leading companies with large infrastructural power projects across the continent.


We put a premium on community-driven actions involving diversity, inclusion, and gender parity while onboarding projects and new partnerships. We, therefore, work closely with corporate clients toward the social, economic, and cultural development of people in emerging countries.

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They Trust Us

Strategic Partnership



Byafrica is your trusted route to Emerging African Markets. We help international businesses, institutional and private investors, infrastructural and innovative technology companies unlock trusted investment and business opportunities across Africa's emerging market frontiers.


Our approach combines socio-economic, political, strategic bilateral, and geopolitical dynamics for optimized, impactful, sustainable impact across developing countries' market ecosystems. 


Unlocking large investment opportunities for world-class, impact-driven organizations whilst helping them successfully navigate the complexities and diversity of Emerging African Markets ecosystems.

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