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Byafrica helps corporate organizations achieve their business goals across emerging markets through actionable socio-economic development, including sustainability/CSR strategies.

Our solutions include strategic advisory, design, or implementation of corporate strategies around dedicated projects to ensure your organization's growth with socio-economic and environmental impact.

We create strategic avenues for profitable collaborations between the corporate world and the community while leveraging art and culture's soft power.


Byafrica specializes in geopolitics, international trade strategy, geoeconomics, blue economy, and ESG/sustainability advisory solutions. 


We boast an international team of specialists with significant decades of expertise and an outstanding partners' network to navigate you through the complex and diverse African business jurisdictions and ecosystems. With Byafrica, you can benefit from our one-stop boutique advisory proudly delivered by a team of government policies, international management,  public relations, politics, economics, and social and cultural dynamics experts.


We are industry agnostic and service many organizations across the spectrum, from finance, agriculture, infrastructures, energy, green/blue economy, big tech, creative industries and more.


Sonny O'jaga

Joseph Hammond

Strategic Communication, Head

Dionne Abrahams

Chief Accounting Officer

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